So, I know Tumblr has been around for like… forever. And I am suuuuper late to this party. But, I have recently gotten way into it.

I went through a dry spell of inspiration. A drought of purpose and identity. And in some big effort to find myself again I started a private tumblr.

A moodboard of me.

And for months I just posted pictures that inspired me. Moved me. Made me feel something. Anything. I didn’t question it or analyze it. I just posted. It kind of became my morning routine while I sipped on my first cup of coffee. And as that space grew longer, I have come to love just mindlessly scrolling through it. It inspires me to do better. Try harder. And honestly it brought me back to life.

My husband was like,

“Tumblr? Yeah? Why not just go harder on Pinterest?”

… but Pinterest is so Pinterest-y. Everything on there looks like a “Pin” on “Pinterest” (I am on there too though!). Tumblr just lets these epic pictures float on their own. And when you start adding more and more it just slowly builds this wall of YOU. Your vibes.

So… yeah. It’s here: GirlMeetsBabyVibes. And I add to it daily. So feel free to follow along with me. Or don’t. All good. ✌

Next maybe I’ll get on myspace. Keep this time machine moving backwards.


If you feel like signing up or are already there, here’s some of my favorites that I’ve come across. They are all sorts of inspiring.

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Posy Willow

florebazar Boho Style

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And since I’m so very behind…send me your favorites!

Caio! Girl