You Guys.The past two weeks have kicked my ass. The kids all got a stupid little cold. Runny noses. NBD. 

And then…

The boys got ear infections. And little Miss got asthma. So after mega antibiotics and a round of steroids for Roman, we are finally back in business. And I need a nap.

But this last week was not a total loss…

I did a guest post for my good friend, Shana over on Ain’t No Mom Jeans styling Doc Martens!

That’s right! They’re back! And I couldn’t be more excited.

You can check it out to see a few ways to style these bad boys and hopefully give you a bunch of tips on size, fit, and breaking them in with the least amount of pain as possible.

And as tempting as it was, I am not wearing white panties and a wife-beater in any of the pics. You’re welcome. 

Ciao! Girl