My kids suffer hard core when teething. I’ve calculated it and, between the 3 kids, I’ve pretty much been dealing with non-stop teething for four years now. I’ve tried everything from the toys you throw in the freezer to gels and homeopathic teething tablets. It’s rough. And — unfortunately — none of it is a magic “fix”. Ultimately you just need to let ‘em chew and chew and chew on something — anything. And drool like crazy. And cry. And wake up every half hour through the night. To, well, cry some more. So you can probably imagine that teething toys are huge in our house. And, while most of my favorites are pretty ugly, I just stumbled across the most amazing brand of cute teething toys.

Meet: Jellystone Teethers.

Y’all this company makes such cute stuff. They claim that all of their stuff is free from BPA, Phthalates (whatever that is), and PVC. That’s great and all, but what I love are the super cute and playful designs. Full of great shapes and colors. Their products range from necklaces and bangles to (what I am loving) the fun shaped jChews.

There’s other companies out there making these “chic” teethers. We most recently tried the Chew Beads Jane Necklace. But what I love about the jChews is that they’re small and almost all are clip-able with a pacifier clip. If she’s chewing on it, I prefer to keep it off the ground!

Miss Roman has the hot pink jChew shaped like an iPhone

If I had a baby boy right now I’d be highly considering the skateboard

And, of course, the chocolate bars just melt me (no pun intended)

So if you have a teething baby, check these out! I’m in love with this product. And, as always, I am not being paid or sponsored to say this.

Ciao! Girl