The boys both got haircuts this last week. We’ve always struggled with cutting their hair. For us, we love their long awesome locks and we fear the taste level of the “kid cuts” hair stylists. I mean, kiddie hair salons can’t be the top choice for elite hair stylists, right? For them, we want comfort and confidence when it comes to their hair — something long, untamed, hair doesn’t exactly foster. It sounds crazy. But, I was shocked at how in-tune Brooks was with his hair the first time we had it cut. On one hand he was less bothered with it all in his face, and on the other he actually seemed excited about his new ‘do. We’d constantly catch him checking himself out in the mirror with this little smirk that said,

“yeah man, you look goooood!”

So, a lot of time had passed since Brooks’ last cut and we’d yet to take Luker. The problem with Luke was multifold:

1. I mean seriously, the boy just recently is letting us touch him. Do we really expect him to sit still while some stranger attacks him with scissors, spray, and an electric razor? It’s a sensory nightmare.

2. His hair is just completely different than Brooks’. It’s incredibly thin and just didn’t seem to have the same gamut of options that Brooks’ does.

3. With Brooks, we left his hair growing long until he just couldn’t take it anymore. It grew and grew from every end into this beautiful head of curls. With Luke, it only grew in the back. Yep, he was born with a natural ability to grow a mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus jealous.

Ultimately, while Brooks goes to our same salon and hairstylist (Corey — he’s amazing), we decided that Luke would need to see a kiddie hair stylist. They’d just be the best at dealing with all types of kids and all types of kids’ hair. Also, we needed the distraction of the airplanes and cartoons. And with Lucas’ thin hair we had limited options to go rock-and-roll. I found a haircut that I knew would work on him and hit up the salon by his gymnastics. Not because it was the coolest or greatest kid’s salon.

But, because it’s the one where I’d see a tatted badass chick smoking out back every time I am at gymnastics.

That was who I wanted. She’d avoid sticking a bowl on his head and giving him the Lloyd Christmas.

Brooks’ new hair. Man, that boy is such a rockstar. He is just so inherently cool. And every time we cut his hair short, he just looks older to me. I find myself just staring at this boy. And picturing him as a teenager. As a man. As a musician.

Playing guitar on stage and singing about all those emotions he feels so deeply.

And his new hair. Well this new hair just made me see that even more. I, of course, want him to be anything he wants. Do anything. Because he can. But this boy has a heart for music. An ear for it. And style that just breathes it. Corey (as always) shaped his mane into a haircut that fits his attitude. It’s shaved super short on the sides and left long and shaggy on top which lays forward and just slightly to the side. Ugh, he breaks my heart with how cute he is!

And Lucas. His first haircut. EVER. A little rocker just like his brother. And, while I didn’t picture him to even go through with it, he shocked me like he always does. He picked out a pink airplane. Sat still and let the tatted girl cut his hair. And he was oh so proud of himself. He kept asking me,

“How do I look Mama?”

“You look awesome, baby.”

“I am awesome!”

He would yell back at me.

I think I love these two boys. Now if Roman could just grow some hair.

Come on girl! I have big plans for your hair too!!

Ciao! Girl