Books. It’s no secret that all “good” parents read to their children. Right? All “good” moms know that reading will provide a number of benefits to their littles.  When a child is read to, he or she will most likely go on to be president of the United States. And well, those who aren’t? They’re doomed to a life of homelessness.  Truth. 

But (in full disclosure) I don’t read all that often to my little ones. I have three wild and crazy kids. So, gone are the days where my one sweet child would crawl up into my lap and listen to stories of Peter Rabbit while I pointed out shapes and colors. Y’all, I was a great mom with one kiddo.

In all honesty, I consider it a huge success if we even read one or two books before bed.

And, my boys proceed to fight hard core over what we will read. They have such different personalities. Different interests. Brooks is drawn to thinking books. Call to action books. Look and Find Books. Or just plain old silly stories that make him laugh. While Lucas is only stories. With rhyming words. Books where he can stare at all the pretty pictures. Zone off. Cozy in his bed. Rubbing his stuffed animal’s paw against his nose. Lost in a story set to pictures. And Roman. That girl never met a book she didn’t want to eat. Or rip the pages out of. And then eat those. Board books only for that girl.

But, no matter how different my kids are, we can always agree on these three books (though Roman still attempts to eat them):

Good Night, Good Night Construction Site and Steam Train Dream Train. Both of these books are written and illustrated by the same duo and follow similar rhyme sequencing.  My boys get lost in the pictures and the story. And both can pretty much recite them from memory.

And my favorite: The Napping House. A favorite of mine while growing up. And my boys laugh the same way I did at this funny cumulative story about the craziness that takes place

“In a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.”

This book was written in 1984. We have the copy I read as a little girl. God bless my parents for saving it for me. I love this little beat up book.

So happy reading mommas! And share with me any of your family fav’s. We can always use new books.

I don’t want my kids to end up selling drugs on the streets. I’d better get reading!

Ciao! Girl