There are times I feel like a terrible parent for not letting the kids just pick out everything they wear. I mean, I always give them options. But I just can’t do the “anything goes” method. Dave and I really struggle with letting our kids wear the ugly (IMHO) cheesy kid clothes. Especially for the boys. I am sorry, but I just can’t do the horrible sayings, the terrible cartoon characters, and the shoes that light up. I can’t. 

There’s three schools of thought for the fashionista type of mommas.

1. Avoid your kids ever even seeing the really heinous stuff. But, still give them the feeling of independence by letting them choose the specific things they see. So, basically, you’re still picking out what they wear. You’re just never trucking them down the isle with Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Planes, or whatever other product is being strategically placed all over your children. They get the ability to choose. You’re ok with either outcome.

2. You can try to teach your kids about fashion and what’s “cool” (or at least socially acceptable). This one is hard to do. But it is kind of where we start to fit in. We try to teach our kids about fit and style. About how to express themselves through specific fashion choices. Mostly obvious things like,

“oh man, those pajama pants are cool! But, that shirt would look REALLY cool with your JEANS… want to try those out?”

3. You can compromise. And this is where my little family mostly ends up. Shwings are the perfect example of this. Cool rockstar shoes (90% mommy-picked) with fun / playful wings (100% loved by the kids). I am blissed out over their Adidas hightops and they’re blissed out over the Shwings. Win-Win.

 Shwings (shoe wings). We have a little obsession with them in our house.

Ok, duh! Shwings are everywhere. There’s nothing new about them. But I am here to say they’ve been on their shoes for about a year and we still love ‘em. 

And, in case you haven’t heard about them, this is one trend that is super fun.

The wings can hook onto regular shoelaces or even velcro straps. They come in many many colors and even butterfly wings for the girls.

And, according to Brooks, he can run much faster with them on. So there’s that.

If you live in Denver you can pick them up at Real Baby in both The Highlands and Boulder. Or anyone can order them online HERE.

Try them out! I love them so much. I attempted to try them out on my Supras but Dave put the kibosh on that. But, for the kids, they’re just the coolest. 

Ciao! Girl