WE LOVE COLORADO.  Maybe it was living in SF for a year or maybe it is just seeing it through the eyes of my kiddos, but I could not imagine living anywhere else.  I just love it here.

Last weekend, my parents set up a ski lesson for Brooks.  They live in Vail. And the “locals” up there start kids on skis as soon as they are potty trained.  Dave and I have big plans for our boys and the Vail Ski Team.  (Of course, if they love it too. ;) )

I remember when Brooks was first-born, my dad said at the hospital that he hopes he lives long enough to see him ski. Watching Brooks ski was a blast. It was probably the highlight of all of our lives- especially my dad.

He did absolutely amazing and LOVED every single second of it. I can’t believe he is this big.

It kind of breaks my heart that he is not my little baby anymore.

Ciao! Girl