We played outside today instead of getting dressed up to participate in What. I. Wore. Wednesdays.  Dave is in San Francisco until tonight, and when I play single mom, my look seems to reflect it.

For those of you curious… I am wearing my flare jeans, a striped american apparel t-shirt of Dave’s, no makeup, and my hair is disheveled in a side braid.  And NO there will not be any pictures of me.

Brooks went to school this morning, and Lucas and I ran some errands, drove 30 minutes out-of-the-way to get “the world’s best iced latte”, and played in the swing in our backyard until it was time to pick B-man up.  The second we got home, Brooks wanted to swing.  I realized that both my kids would spend all day/every day in that swing.  Lucas likes to giggle with every push.  Brooks prefers to count or “go round and round”.

Girl Meets Baby Approved: Little Tikes Swing! 

And to slightly participate…. Here is what my kids are wearing:

Lucas: Ralph Lauren shorts, American Apparel T, and Converse crib shoes.

Brooks: Fred Segal Shorts, SQ Land and Livestock T, and (ugh! so not chic!) Crocs.

Ciao! Girl