Lucas is SITTING UP! My little always smiling, almost 6 month old is sitting up. All alone. Without support.

Lucas and I have a little routine during Brooks’ nap.  Since Luke usually only sleeps for the last hour of B-man’s nap, we have a good hour to hang out.

Just. The. Two. Of. Us.

The rest of the day is shared time between the two.  And since Lucas is the second child, I am sad to report that this time is more just joining in the chaos that is our life.

But every day from ONE to TWO in the afternoon, Lucas and I just chill and practice his tricks. It was during this time that he learned to projectile vomit, poop up his back, smile, rollover, find his toes, do his mini push-ups, and today…


(Oh, Tear! My little one is not a newborn anymore.)

Congrats, Duke! I am so proud of you! Ah! Bliss!

Ciao! Girl