There is nothing like arriving home from the hospital with a new baby.

There is an overwhelming feeling of mixing your new life with your old life.  And in this case, it was an overwhelming feeling of mixing my new baby with my older baby. I had been up worried for a lot of nights about how Brooks would handle a new addition to his world.  I was worried about being able to give Lucas the same time and energy that I gave Brooks at the beginning. I was worried that Brooks would somehow feel like he was being replaced or left out.  Dave and I made a pact to not have favorites, to always be sensitive to both children, to treat them like brothers from day one.  We decided to involve Brooks in every aspect of being a big brother. So with that decision and being the obsessive parents that we are, we never even spent a night away from Brooks.  He spent the whole time in the hospital with us.  The whole one night that is.  We left less than 24 hours after Lucas was born.

I just couldn’t wait to be home with my boys.

To my surprise, Brooks never even skipped a beat.  He was just super excited the whole time.  His excitement made me excited.  His heart made my heart content and happy.  Watching him interact with Luke just reminded me of something I always knew about Brooks… He is a lover, not a fighter.  He would pat Luke’s head.  He even would whisper when Lucas was sleeping. He would even cry when Lucas cried, and we would end up reminding Brooks the whole time that Luke was ok.

“He’s just hungry, buddy.”

“He’s just cold from getting out of his bath, Brooksy.”

“He’s just… um… wanting to watch Mickey Mouse with you.”

Ok, that one was a stretch but who knows why Lucas was crying sometimes.  I mean, I just met the kid this week! A mom has to improvise sometimes.

Sweet boy.  BUT… I must say Brooks was the master pacifier thief.  Every time I would blink, Brooks would have Lucas’ pacifier in his own mouth. Lucas now spits his papa out whenever Brooks is around. Seriously!  What can I say? They are brothers already.

Our family just meshed.  It was like Lucas had been here forever.

Ciao! Girl