Brooks was bald for the first year of his life. When his hair finally decided to grow in, it grew in like a mullet. The back continued to get longer as the front stayed thin and short. EEK!

As cute as my son is, he is just not cute enough to pull off the mullet. Dave on the other hand decided that Brooks could not get his hair cut. Somehow his son having a mullet at the same time Troy Tulowitzki grew a mullet for charity was not only cool, but also good luck for his beloved Rockies. So I gave in and waited. Go Rockies!

Well, it turns out that Brooks’ mullet was not good luck and the Rockies went on a losing streak. So I bit the bullet and took him to get a haircut!

As luck would have it, there was a car for him to sit in!

He was stoked and sat patiently eating a dum-dum sucker while he got the back cut to match the front!

Ciao! Girl