We recently got Brooks the backpack baby carrier.  He loves it.  Lately, he has gotten into being up high.  He prefers to be held instead of sitting in the stroller.

Usually I end up pushing an empty stroller and carrying Brooks.

What is wrong with that picture?

We had friends coming to visit, and like all our visitors, Alcatraz seems to be top on the list of things to do.  We knew that there was no way Brooks was going to be able to walk that distance, and carrying him was out of the question.  We splurged on the backpack carrier.  It is super comfortable for both Brooks and Dave.

Brooks has a little chair that he sits on that features a five-point harness system and an easy-to-use central tensioning system similar to car seats. It keeps his joints aligned properly unlike the front carriers.

He was absolutely stoked to be sitting up so high on dada’s back!

It doubled our time out with the boy.  Definitely worth the money!

Ciao! Girl