Going through all our pictures, I just have to say my boy has got style.  He wears his clothes so well.  Still, I must admit that I sort of have a shopping problem and Dave is no better. It is just so fun!

On that note, I just have to say that having a boy makes shopping a little bit harder.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seriously contemplated putting Brooks in something that was on the girls side of the store or leave the store saying I need a girl.  I must admit that on occasion the boy does wear pink polo shirts that G! (my mom) sent from Neimans.  I figure that is OK.  But I have found amazing boy clothes.  I love dressing him like a little dude or a mini version of his dad. I really am not that into the baby blue onsies or little overalls.  You have to dig for the good stuff.

Ciao! Girl